About Us

Hello, we are PeekPeek. WebTour is the product that combines the virtual tour and regular website's functions. There is no app/gadgets need to run WebTour, and it is compatible with any web browser. WebTour is a Virtual Reality Website. With PeekPeek's WebTour, you will generate higher traffic and exposure to create more engagement from your clients. Please contact us for more information.

We Turn Your Environment into 720+ virtual Tour!

Visitors can jump to different panorama photos to view a facility's interior from different floors and angles. Virtual tours offer a fully immersive experience.

WebTour is also a website, PeekPeek can add limitless customizable features in there. For example, sitelink, mini-map, animation, 3D model, and more!

Why choose us

  • Cost

    The average cost of a custom personal website was $1,200 in 2015. PeekPeek's Virtual Reality (VR) Website, WebTour, starts at the same price but is virtually more stunning and captivating!

  • Quality

    Our team consists of industry leading Virtual Reality (VR) photographers and cutting edge web designers with the ability to create the highest quality web tours available on the internet.

  • Time

    We do all the work-from taking 360 VR photographs to web maintenance. We will design your website from scratch and tailor it to your needs-we've got you covered from 0-100%

  • Digital

    WebTour allows companies to use any analysis tool, such as Google Analytics to study their visitor’s behavior for the site. Furthermore, WebTour is a great option for SEO, SEM and PPC for digital marketing.


Web Tour

= Virtual Tour + Website

Webtour with Custom Website

The most progressive websites the internet has to offer- an immersive tour of your business.

  • Visitors can "peek" from photo to photo-essentially strolling through your business
  • Links to PDF/jpeg or external page (menu,price sheet,coupons,e-commerce site, social media, yelp, or additional information)
  • The virtual shopping function provides descriptions for featured products with the additional ability to link to e-commerce site
  • Domain name, two years of website maintenance, and one annual edit free of charge



  • Package
  • Offer
  • Price
  • Standard
  • HD- 5 points & 3 links
  • $3,400
  • Premium
  • HD- 5 points & 3 links
    (customize design)
  • $4,000
  • Premium+
  • HD- 5 points & 20 links
    (customize design)
  • $4,200

Real Estate Pricing

  • Real Estate
  • SD- 5 points & 5 links
  • $2,000
  • Additional Items (for Both Google Business Street View & Webtour
  • A
  • Each additional SD point
  • $25
  • B
  • Each additional HD point
  • $80
  • C
  • Additional 5 links
  • $100
  • *SD-Standard Definition(minimum requirement by google 13mega pixal)
  • *HD-Hgh Definition (image stitched with HD DSLR for best image quality)
  • *Real Estate Pricing requires contracting multiple property at a time